About Echo Lake Camp Fifty-Plus Years of History

Echo Lake Camp was founded in 1956 as a youth-oriented facility. For over 50 years, Echo has been continuing to follow its mission statement of "Winning youth to Christ and equipping them to glorify God."

Echo Lake Camp is affiliated with the Free Methodist Church of Canada, and is a charitable organization that is maintained solely through the work of its many unpaid volunteer staff members.

Seasonal Camps All Year

Echo Lake Camp hosts seasonal camps for youth throughout the year. We have camp on (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend, Family Day weekend (the long weekend in February), and Victoria Day weekend, and then a week-long camp the last full week of August.

Frequently Asked Questions

(Last updated April 26, 2023)

How much does it cost?

The full price for summer camps is $550 and the early-bird price for summer camps is $450

The full price for weekend camps is $175 and the early-bird price for weekend camps is $150.

These prices are subject to change, and this page may not have been updated to reflect such changes. Please contact the registrar for accurate pricing.

What age ranges may attend Echo Lake Camp?

Camp is open for ages 14 to 21 at the beginning of camp. This age range is inclusive, however if you (or your camper) turn 22 during camp, you will be considered "Aged out" before camp begins.

Have a camper who is younger than 14? Check out www.harbourridgecamp.com

I am a parent, registering more than one camper- how does this work?

At this time, the website does not allow for multiple registrations for more than one camper. You will need to create different accounts for your campers and register them individually. We hope to have this feature enabled in the near future to make your lives easier (including 1 payment for multiple campers!)

How do you store my payment information?

We don't. We leverage PayPal's payment platform to process payments.

What are the drop-off and pick up times?

Registration is 7-9 PM on the Friday of weekend camps, and 2-5 PM on the first Sunday of summer camp. Pick up time is 1-2 PM on the last day of camp.

How do I know if I have registered for a camp?

Check your email! You should have received an email from registrar@echolakecamp.ca. You can also log in to the website and try to register again. You will get an alert saying if you have already registered.

What can I expect at camp?

Click here for details

What types of items should I bring with me to camp?

A packing list would look like: Bible; Clothes to play sports in, hang out in, sleep in, swim in, dress up in, be yourself in; toiletries; items to sleep in/with, like a pillow, sleeping bag or sheets + comforter, teddy bear, etc;

What types of items should I leave at home?

Don't bring drugs (ALL drugs, legal or otherwise. Prescription drugs are to be left with the camp nurse), alcohol, tobacco products, e-cigarettes/vapes, weapons (fake or otherwise), explosives (including fireworks)

The following items are not allowed in the dorms:

We ask that you avoid bringing cell phones, any amount of money you don't want to lose, large pieces of furniture, anything that is expensive that you do not want damaged.

What about food? Can I bring my own?

Echo Lake Camp strives to provide some of the best fresh cooked meals you can get at camps, but we recognise that you may have dietary restrictions that limit what you can eat. Please let us know ahead of time so that we can try to accommodate your needs

Otherwise, we do ask campers to eat the same meals together. If you wish to bring snacks, you can, but we do also offer a tuck shop/canteen most afternoons to help satisfy your sweet tooth

How can I donate?